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I am doing exercises in the book "Getting Started With Meteor.js Javascript Framework" and there is a section where a template called categories is created, then a {#each} loop thumbs through a collection.This is done with the intent of printing the results to the screen. This works and the code is below.

<template name ="categories">

    <div class ="title">my stuff</div>

    <div id='categories'>
        {{#each lists}}

        <div id="category">





My question is this:

In the code below the sort parameter doesn't seem to do anything. I am curious what it is supposed to be doing. I understand that theoretically it's suppose to "sort", but when I play with the parameters nothing changes. I looked it up in the meteor documentation and I couldn't figure it out. I am trying to modify the code so that it so that it sorts in a different order. This way I can see results and get a real understanding of how {sort: works. I tried modifying the {sort: {Category: 1}}) to {sort: {Category: -1}}) as well as {sort: {Category: 2}}) and it's always the same result.

  Template.categories.lists = function() {
    return lists.find({}, {sort: {Category: 1}});  // Works

  /* return lists.find({}); */                     // Works just the same


The Collections are as follows:

lists.insert({Category:"DVDs", items: [{Name:"Mission Impossible" ,Owner:"me",LentTo:"Alice"}]});

lists.insert({Category:"Tools", items: [{Name:"Linear Compression Wrench",Owner:"me",LentTo: "STEVE"}]});
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In your code ,you can try to change the argument of sort to be array not object,like this: sort: [["Category","asc"],["another argument","desc"],[...]] so the code :

 Template.categories.lists = function() {
    return lists.find({}, {sort: [["Category","asc"],["another argument","desc"],[...]]});  // Works

  /* return lists.find({}); */                     // Works just the same

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As per my understanding that is because default is to sort by natural order. More info can be found at this link

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I read that prior to posting and it's still confusing. When I replace it with {skip: {Category: 1}}); I don't see a change. I guess the real question is "How to use the Selector Option in the find method". –  William Mar 3 '13 at 0:02
as i mentioned earlier, If no option is given, it sorts in nautral order i.e ascending order. using (sort:{catagory:1}} also sorts the results in ascending order. Hence the similar results. –  Travis G Mar 3 '13 at 0:25
I am trying to change it so that it sorts in a different order.This way I can see results and get a real understanding of how it works. –  William Mar 3 '13 at 1:22
you can try by doing a sort on {sort: {Category: -1}} with little more random data which is not in sorted order. I hope you have more than 10-20 category's to test with. –  Travis G Mar 3 '13 at 1:25
I have 5 categories and doing -1 doesn't create any change. –  William Mar 3 '13 at 2:50

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