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I have a gem that I am making and it is located at the same level as a rails app.

I am trying to use the gem in the rails app, but am not able to make it work - the constant I am trying to use, which is defined in the gem, is not accessible to the rails app for some reason.

What am I doing wrong here? What steps can I take to begin debugging the cause of the problem?

In the rails console, $:.grep /mygem/ shows me ["/Users/zabba/mygem/lib"]

Directory structure, with the contents of certain files:

        module Mygem
          class SomeClass
      require 'mygem/some_class'

      gem 'mygem', path: '../mygem', require: 'mygem'
          # require 'mygem' cannot find file
          class AModel
            def hello_world
              SomeClass.new # Cannot find constant
              Mygem::SomeClass.new # Cannot find constant
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Can you tell me where have you kept the Gem in which folder ? –  AnkitG Mar 2 '13 at 23:27
What's the (relevant part of the) directory structure of mygem? I think you need to have mygem/lib/mygem.rb, and mygem.rb should have your classes defined there (or it should require files which define those classes). You can also puts $LOAD_PATH at the top of a_model.rb to see whether Bundler has put your gem's source on the load path, thereby allowing you to require mygem. –  Amit Kumar Gupta Mar 2 '13 at 23:29
AnkitG/ Amit Kumar Gupta, added the directory structure of the gem folder as well. –  Zabba Mar 2 '13 at 23:30

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Can you create a folder vendor/gems and copy your gem in there. Then in you Gemfile


gem 'mygem', :path => "vendor/gems/mygem-0.0.1"

Then bundle install

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