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I'm trying to use a slider and rotate a sphere in matlab. It works if the sphere is in the origin. but my sphere is at point (2.5,2.5,7.5) when I rotate it, the entire sphere rotates still around the origin. I want it to stay in the point and just spin.

My code: this is my slider function

function  slider_callback1(hObject, eventdata)
            s1 = get(slider, 'value');        
            R1 = makehgtform('zrotate', s1);
            set(t1, 'Matrix', R1);


t1 = hgtransform;
set(sphere_1, 'Parent', t1);
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To rotate around an arbitrary point, you need three transforms; a translation to the origin, the rotation itself, and then a translation back. These can of course be combined into a single 4D transform matrix.

I've never used makehgtform, but from the documentation it seems to have a 'translate' option, which sounds like what you need.

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Thanks, this is how I solved it:

function slider_callback1(hObject, eventdata)
    s1 = get(cabin, 'value');        
    R1 = makehgtform('zrotate', s1);

    R1(1,4) = 2.5;
    R1(2,4) = 2.5;
    R1(3,4) = 7.5;
    set(t1, 'Matrix', R1);

    s1 = floor(s1 * (180/pi) * 10)/10;
    set(sth1, 'String', num2str(s1));
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