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I know in vim there is set nu for setting line numbering on all lines. However I'd like to know if there's a way in ~/.vimrc to setup showing line numbers for the current line, as well as x lines before and x lines after. As an example:

4 blah
5 blah
6 blah <- current line
7 blah
8 blah

I don't mind plugin installation either if that's necessary to get it working.

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But...why?! This is not possible with built-in stuff, but the RltvNmbr.vim plugin implements relative numbering with the signs feature. You could probably modify the plugin to achieve what you want. But again...why?!

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Because that's the way I'd like to view files and the point of vim is to be an editor that allows customization to fit one's needs. I will take a look at the plugin you've mentioned. –  cwgem Mar 3 '13 at 0:56

If you want relative line numbering, you can do it also without plugin:

set rnu

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