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I am curreny using the menudrawer from https://github.com/SimonVT/android-menudrawer.

When i try to display the menu from the top & bottom, with the apropiate gestures, i get only one response. Do you know if there can be used more than 1 menus in the same activity?

    mMenuDrawer = MenuDrawer.attach(this, MenuDrawer.MENU_DRAG_CONTENT, Position.TOP);

    mMenuDrawer2 = MenuDrawer.attach(this, MenuDrawer.MENU_DRAG_CONTENT, Position.BOTTOM);
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Did you manage to find a solution for this? Is it possible to have two sliding drawers for one layout using MenuDrawer? – BurninatorDor Apr 17 '13 at 18:25

I use two menudrawers in my activity and I use them as follow (and its working for me)

mMenuDrawer = MenuDrawer.attach(this, MenuDrawer.MENU_DRAG_CONTENT, Position.TOP);

mMenuDrawerRight = MenuDrawer.attach(this, MenuDrawer.MENU_DRAG_CONTENT, Position.RIGHT);
        mMenuDrawerRight.setTouchMode(MenuDrawer.TOUCH_MODE_BEZEL );
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I've tried something like this but can't get it working, sure I'm missing something obvious; how did you set menuDrawers contentViews? – ssantos Aug 28 '13 at 15:30

If the library supports such a thing MenuDrawer.TOUCH_MODE_FULLSCREEN won't help at all... try with MenuDrawer.TOUCH_MODE_BEZEL

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Last I checked, MenuDrawer didn't officially support multiple drawers without possibly using some kind of hack. SlidngMenu does support adding multiple drawers, wherever you want. I think MenuDrawer performs better, but SlidingMenu gives you more options and flexibility.

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It is possible to attach two MenuDrawer (on left and right) to same activity

Default mode for MenuDrawer is MENU_DRAG_CONTENT but we need to use MENU_DRAG_WINDOW

Note: Don't set the ContentView for MenuDrawers

//In onCreate() of the activity
MenuDrawer slidingMenuLeft = MenuDrawer.attach(this, MenuDrawer.Type.OVERLAY, Position.LEFT, MenuDrawer.MENU_DRAG_WINDOW);
slidingMenuLeft.setMenuView(R.layout.navigation_menu_left); // Set layout for Left menu

MenuDrawer slidingMenuRight = MenuDrawer.attach(this, MenuDrawer.Type.OVERLAY, Position.RIGHT, MenuDrawer.MENU_DRAG_WINDOW);
slidingMenuRight.setMenuView(R.layout.navigation_menu_right);  // Set layout for Right menu

I haven't tested this with touch mode MenuDrawer.TOUCH_MODE_FULLSCREEN

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