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How can we handle empty collection on a RESTful interface, with Content-Range's items header?

For instance, having 42 records, a request Range: items=0-41 would return everything, and the response header would be: Content-Range: items 0-41/42.

However, how can we deal with Content-Range header when there is not any records? Thanks for any help.


I mean, returning an empty collection, the server may want to return Content-Range: items x-y/0, where x and y are a value which would be different than 0. But which one? I think this is a sticky question, and the spec does not mention it.

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Actually the server should respond with an HTTP 416 Request Not Satisfiable, with Content-Range: */0.

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If you're getting non-zero numbers for X-Y/0 - then the response from the server is invalid (broken). File a bug.

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Okay. So what should answer the server if the collection is empty? Having Content-Range: 0-0/0 would be impossible, because 0-0 means 1 record inside the collection. –  Doug Oct 28 '13 at 21:49
There's no content, so you wouldn't return a Content-Range header. If you must, the spec allows you to return an asterisk ("*") in the cases where (From RFC): "instance-length is unknown at the time when the response was generated." –  Kylar Oct 29 '13 at 22:21

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