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I have a movies controller and a searches controller. In my searches controller I have the ability to search for a movie from IMDB. I am trying to make a form where I can click Add movie to library and trying to make a new entry in my movies table.

In my searches controller i have

    def new
        @search = Search.new
        @movie = Movie.new

    respond_to do |format|
      format.html # new.html.erb
      format.json { render json: @search }

In my searches index view I have

<%= simple_form_for(@movie) do |f| %>
<%= f.input :title, :as => :hidden, :input_html => { :value => "Skyfall" } %>
<%= f.input :year, :as => :hidden, :input_html => { :value => "2012" } %>
<%= f.input :description, :as => :hidden, :input_html => { :value => "James Bond" } %>
<%= f.association :genres, include_blank: false, :as => :hidden, :input_html => { :value => "some value" } %>
<%= f.button :submit, class: "btn btn-primary" %>

I get a NoMethodError in Searches#index followed by undefined method `model_name' for NilClass:Class.

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Your code is ok, I mean, you are putting a new object in @movie on the controller, which is totally fine.

Just make sure you add the new instance of the object in Search#index, like this:

def index
  @movie = Movie.new

You are getting the error because when the view form is evaluated on this line:

<%= simple_form_for(@movie) do |f| %>

@movie is nil, so model_name is not a method of the object nil and you get the exception.

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Thank you. I usually set up my index methods @movies = Movie.all. I now understand why I just needed to create the instance since that is where the form is. –  emailnitram Mar 3 '13 at 2:28

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