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I have setup a script that calls my server and returns a JSON string. The purpose of the call to return a count of the number of users logged into my chat site. However, Somewhere between the server sending the data back and my javascript accepting the data, the data is modified. I have narrowed this down using the following logic:

  1. Chrome and Firefox both work perfectly
  2. Internet Explorer does Not.
  3. Developer tools with a breakpoint on each step reveals that the returned data is already incorrect at the beginning of the script.
  4. Logically, I headed for my php script. I called it directly from IE and it echo'd correct data.

Expected data:


Returned data:


Notice the last key holds a different number. On most machines (tested around the country), this returns 2 at all times. On mine, sometimes, it returns three. The numbers should be changing often (based on the number of users).

Here is the javascript:

var userCount = createXmlHttpRequestObject();

function createXmlHttpRequestObject(){
var userCount;  

        userCount = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); 
        userCount = false;
        userCount = new XMLHttpRequest();
        userCount = false;

    console.log("Can't Show User Count");
    return userCount;   

function process(){
if(userCount.readyState==0 || userCount.readyState==4){
    serverCall = "";"GET", "/src/pfcusercount.php?serverCall=" + serverCall, true);

    userCount.onreadystatechange = handleServerResponse;


    setTimeout('process()', 1000);

function handleServerResponse(){
            xmlResponse = userCount.responseXML;
            xmlDocumentElement = xmlResponse.documentElement;
            jsonString =;

            var roomArray = eval('(' + jsonString + ')');

            //set All the room counts

            if(roomArray['Main'] == 1){

                document.getElementById("userCount").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">You are the only user online!</span>';


                document.getElementById("userCount").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">There are ' + roomArray['Main'] + ' users online!</span>';

            document.getElementById("BestOfLifeC").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">(' + roomArray['BestOfLife'] + ')</span> BestofLife'; 
            document.getElementById("FaithC").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">(' + roomArray['Faith'] + ')</span> Faith';
            document.getElementById("BookLoversC").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">(' + roomArray['BookLovers'] + ')</span> BookLovers';
            document.getElementById("LeatherC").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">(' + roomArray['Leather'] + ')</span> Leather';
            document.getElementById("DebateC").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">(' + roomArray['Debate'] + ')</span> Debate';
            document.getElementById("SheetsC").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">(' + roomArray['Sheets'] + ')</span> Sheets';
            document.getElementById("TheRoomC").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">(' + roomArray['TheRoom'] + ')</span> TheRoom';
            document.getElementById("TheOtherRoomC").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">(' + roomArray['TheOtherRoom'] + ')</span> TheOtherRoom';
            document.getElementById("GayDudesC").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">(' + roomArray['GayDudes'] + ')</span> GayDudes';
            document.getElementById("ReligionC").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">(' + roomArray['Religion'] + ')</span> Religion';
            document.getElementById("BrainsC").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">(' + roomArray['Brains'] + ')</span> Brains';
            document.getElementById("FlamesC").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">(' + roomArray['Flames'] + ')</span> Flames';
            document.getElementById("ArrowC").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">(' + roomArray['Arrow'] + ')</span> Arrow';
            document.getElementById("BowC").innerHTML = '<span style="color:red">(' + roomArray['Bow'] + ')</span> Bow';

            setTimeout('process()', 1000);

        console.log("Unable to show user counts!");

Here is a link to the PHP script that will echo the data for you as needed:

Please help :) Feel free to create a user account for testing purposes. For now, registration does no email validation to keep it simple for debugging. Enter a fake one if desired.

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Not an answer to your question, but I think it's better to use a JavaScript framework (for example, jQuery, Dojo, and so on) to handle AJAX rather than writing your own code. Moreover, in the Production code you may wish not to use eval. –  Barun Mar 3 '13 at 6:22
I would of course love to use JQuery. After this incident, I am heading for some deep reading on it now lol. –  Cory Scott Cline Mar 3 '13 at 6:25

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Ok, I have FINALLY figured this out. The problem ended up being Internet Explorer's (rather annoying) tendency to cache ajax. I noticed this when I would exit the browser, reopen the chat site, and log back in, the user count would always be total count - 1 (since it had not accounted for me [the new user] yet). From that point out, the returned string was always the same. My solution was to modify my call:"GET", "/src/pfcusercount.php?serverCall=" + serverCall, true);

Since I was only using serverCall as a placeholder in case of a future need, I added this line above it:

serverCall = Math.random();

This tricked Internet Explorer into thinking each AJAX was a completely different entity. Moral of the story: Death to IE.

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