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I have a text file of mysqldump commands. It looks something like this...

INSERT INTO `agent_new` VALUES ('1', 'abc'), ('2', 'xyz'), ('3', 'pqr');

I need the last entry from the list of tuples. I also need the table name. So the expected output will be

INSERT INTO `agent_new` VALUES ('3', 'pqr');

The last row will always have a semi colon at the end for e.g. 'pqr');

I need to extract the last row to compare with the actual database. I can do "tail" but I will like to know if there is any better way.

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Here's one way using sed:

sed 's/(.*(/(/' file


INSERT INTO `agent_new` VALUES ('3', 'pqr');
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This might work for you (GNU sed):

sed "s/('[^']*', '[^']*'), //g" file


sed 's/('\''.*'\''),//' file
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using delimiters you should be able to pick through the stream and take what you want. I havent looked at the syntax in a while so I dont want to write some code that isn't 100% correct, but i recommend googling some examples involving delimiters !

Sorry I couldn't be more help (n)

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sed -E 's/\(.*\), //' filename

This should do what you want.

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