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I have a 192x334x106 matrix which I would to convert to an avi file, however after multiple efforts I am still encountering a distorted output.

My problem is similar to that reported here:

However the fix suggested there, doesn't work for me. Here is the code:

aviobj = avifile('MOVIE2.avi');
fig = figure;
for frame_idx  = 1:size(imstack,3)
   image = double(imstack(:,:,frame_idx));
   rgb = repmat(image,[1 1 3]);
   axis off;
   aviobj = addframe( aviobj, getframe( fig ) );
aviobj = close( aviobj );
implay( 'MOVIE2.avi' );

Inspired from this post: I also tried the following using instead the VideoWriter function:

f = figure();
a = axes('Parent',f);
aviobj = VideoWriter('MOVIEN.avi','Uncompressed AVI');
vid.Quality = 100;
aviobj.FrameRate = 8;


for frame_idx  = 1:size(imstack,3)
  image = double(imstack(:,:,frame_idx));
  rgb = repmat(image,[1 1 3]);
  f = imagesc(rgb);
  axis off;
  writeVideo(aviobj ,rgb)

But the result was the same: right-ward `shearing' effect.

(extra information: My data is the output of an 3D image processing algorithm, it was not produced on a frame by frame basis)

Matlab version R2012a ( Size of input matrix: <192x334x106> (Making the matrix square does not effect the output) Size of output avi file: 43MB

Thanks in advance,


An addendum: Strange things are happening; when I view the movie using VLC, the distortion is evident, when I uploaded the avi to vimeo to demonstrate it here, the movie plays perfectly. I am extremely confused.

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What if you force it to be something like 720x480, or 1280x720, or some standard video aspect ratio. Even though it is uncompressed AVI, some formats are really pick about the dimensions of the image. –  Skurmedel Mar 3 '13 at 5:28
@Skurmedel, thanks - unfortunately the distortion remains. I added the following to the second code example in my question; winsize = [ 100 100 480 720]; and set(a,'Position',winsize). –  Neil Mar 5 '13 at 1:16

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