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I need to find out how far down the directory structure inside a working directory goes. If the layout is something like

    Note 1.txt
    Note 2.txt

then it should return 1, because the deepest items are 1 level below. But if it looks like


then it should return 0, because there is nothing deeper than the first level.

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Something like this should do the trick in V3:

Get-ChildItem . -Recurse -Name | Foreach {($_.ToCharArray() | 
    Where {$_ -eq '\'} | Measure).Count} | Measure -Maximum | Foreach Maximum
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It's not as pretty, and arguably not as "Posh" as Keith's, but I suspect it might scale better.

$depth_ht = @{}
(cmd /c dir /ad /s) -replace '[^\\]','' |
 foreach {$depth_ht[$_]++}

 $max_depth = 
  $depth_ht.keys |
   sort length |
   select -last 1 |
   select -ExpandProperty length

 $root_depth =
  ($PWD -replace '[^\\]','').length

 ($max_depth -$root_depth)
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