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I am trying to add Google account to Samsung Galaxy tab AVD .. but I am getting weird error - "the server requires security features your phone does not support"

I thought this is very basic thing so not sure what am i really missing.

AVD Settings:

Device: 10.1" WXGA (Tablet) (1280*800:mdpi) Target: GALAXY Tab Addon (Samsung Electronic Co. Ltd) - API Level 8 Internal Storage : 200 MiB SD Card: 2048 MiB

From Account & Sync option, when I add account, put my gmail and password, it gives me a screen where it is asking me

Domain\Username : \myusername@gmail.com Password : * server: m.google.com Use Secure connection (SSL) - checked Accept all SSL certificates - unchecked

Once I enter all this info click Next button, I receive the error saying "the server requires security features your phone does not support"

Any help to resolve this is appreciated.

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Check this answer –  Justin Vartanian Mar 3 '13 at 5:44

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