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I'm building an HTML5 game based on a drag and drop but i'd like to make the object moving automatically, since i'm not using canvas, is there any alternative i can use to the kinetic.js ?

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A good alternative to canvas is RaphaelJS.

This library allows you to define objects and animate them on the screen.

It has many features that are useful in game building:

  • automatic animation of CSS attributes.
  • built in drag-drop.
  • mouse and touch (!) event handling.
  • built in hit-testing.
  • compatible with older browsers (yes, talking about you internet explorer!)
  • change elements -- move, rotate, scale
  • advanced position tracking (transforms)
  • a proven track record
  • and if you're artistic, you can use adobe Illustrator art in your game.
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you could use JQuery draggable and droppable with some animation to make it automatic ( or use CSS transition)

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