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I am developing a discount calculator for a small grocery shop where they have a weekly offers displayed on sales counter. I need to develop a module in place which can evaluate offer conditions via a DB or a config file.

Required Rules:

Buy 2 Articles get 3rd of same value free -- Shop bill will display

($50 X 3) = $150 Gross ------ Less $50 ------ $100 Net Payable ------- (Applicable Offer Code)

Buy Over $xxx amount * and get y percent discount -- Shop bill will display

($15 X 10) = $150 Gross ------ Less $15 ------ $135 Net Payable (Applicable Offer Code)

Buy complete Kit and get some flat discount * -- Shop bill will display

(Moneysaver pack blah blah) = $250 Gross ------ Less $20 ------ $230 Net Payable (Applicable Offer Code)

I tried using NCalc - Mathematical Expressions Evaluator for .NET (ncalc.codeplex.com), however its good for mathemetical expressions in string, I am not finding the right way to branch it with my rule set.

requesting your help at earliest. Thanks in advance.


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Have you looked at the Windows Workflow Ruleset engine? This includes an editor as well as the ability to execute the rules (saved as xml in a db) at runtime.

To read more about this:

A quick and dirty Rules Engine using Windows Workflow (Part 1)

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Thanks for your input, however the project I am working is c# 2.0 asp.net based application, which I doubt I am allowed to change the further. –  NBaua Mar 3 '13 at 6:49
You could execute the rule in C# in your ASP .Net code behind. You just need to manage the rules from a windows form app. Unless you wanted to manage the rule from ASP .Net too. –  Julien Pierre Mar 5 '13 at 12:25

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