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I am from JAVA for one of my new project i need to develop an RESTful service in c++. Do c++ have libraries like JAVA i already user JERSEY in java which is very comfortable . Do c++ have any libraries for REST with XML,JSON processing

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I hit this same problem when looking for a RESTful C++ library. It drove me to create a GNU licensed project over on github.

I found all the alternative solutions using:

  • lighttpd
  • poco
  • pion
  • etc...

not a reasonable fit for the task I had at hand.

Restbed Example

#include <memory>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <restbed>

using namespace std;
using namespace restbed;

void get_method_handler( const shared_ptr< Session >& session )
    const auto request = session->get_request( );

    size_t content_length = 0;
    request->get_header( "Content-Length", content_length );

    session->fetch( content_length, [ ]( const shared_ptr< Session >& session,
                                         const Bytes& body )
        fprintf( stdout, "%.*s\n", ( int ) body.size( ), body.data( ) );

        session->close( OK, "Hello, World!", { { "Content-Length", "13" } } );
    } );

int main( const int, const char** )
    auto resource = make_shared< Resource >( );
    resource->set_path( "/resource" );
    resource->set_method_handler( "GET", get_method_handler );

    auto settings = make_shared< Settings >( );
    settings->set_port( 1984 );
    settings->set_default_header( "Connection", "close" );

    Service service;
    service.publish( resource );
    service.start( settings );

    return EXIT_SUCCESS;
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You probably can play around with http://pocoproject.org/ Though it has no REST support out of the box but seems to have all the components to build one relatively easy.

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You can try C++ REST SDK. There should everything you need except XML-library.

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