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I have an input in which I want to edit a date. When the value of the input changes, I want to execute a callback.

If I call the function datepicker (from bootstrap-datepicker I can no longer hook to the change event. (Strange enough, other events seem to work ok)

This is what I tried so far:

(using backbone)

events: {
  'changeDate :input' : 'onUpdateField'

or using directly jquery

$('#Fundacion').on('change', this.onUpdateField);

If I just comment the following line

  autoclose : true,

The event is called.

On the other hand, the changeDate evet is called, but only when the date is changed using the mouse or the arrows. I want to catch the event when the user just types a different date.

I tried having a look at the source ( but I couldn't find where it might be "swallowing" the change event.

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This is not a recommended way, but a dirty workaround. Please don't down vote, I'm accepting that this answer is a crap.

just keep checking for the date field after 500 milliseconds (or as per your requirements).

var current = $('.transaction-date').val();
function keep_checking() {

    if (current != $('.transaction-date').val()) {
        alert('change happened');
        current = $('.transaction-date').val();
    setTimeout(keep_checking, 500);


If you use the following library then it'll fire an event 'changeDate' when the date is changed. Look and feel is very similar to the eternicode datepicker

Example usage:-

jQuery('#dp1').datepicker().on('changeDate', function(ev){
     alert('date is changed');
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not sure if it answers the question, but the issue seems to be known

apparently they couldn't yet find a way to tell if the value has been changed or not when leaving the input focus.


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Are there any work arounds to this? – yagudaev Apr 12 '13 at 4:21

In my case it was enought to do two simple steps

  1. Add change event listener to input (it will catch the event when the user types a different date)

    $('#dateInput').on(change, doSomethingOnChange);

  2. Add datepicker changeDate event (it will trigger change event from first step when date is changed using the mouse or arrows )

    input.datepicker().on('changeDate', function(){ $(this).trigger('change'); });

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