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My Program table has many Measures My Measure table has many Targets My Target table has a column called "money"

My ActiveRecord query looks like this:

@programs2 = Program.includes([measures: :target]).where('organization_id = 1').limit(2)

I want to define a scope such that the query can return top Programs that their value is the lowest. So I need to write a scope and apply it to that query but How and Where in the model should I define that scope, something like this? Well this won't work but that's as much as I know.

scope :top5, :joins => [:measures, :targets]  ,  :order => "money DESC"
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What is the of a Program, the sum of all of all Measures for this Program ?

You can try something like:

Target.order_by( :money => :desc ).map{|target| target.measure }.map{|measure| measure.program }.uniq

Good luck

share|improve this answer : no it is just a number, I made up some table and field names for posting on SO , so they may not make very sense in practice. – DarkNightFan Mar 3 '13 at 16:41

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