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This is the json string:


string json = DAO.getUploadDataSummary();
JObject uploadData = JObject.Parse(json);
string array = (string)uploadData.SelectToken("d");

How do I change the code to reader the values in 'numberOfRowsAdded? Please help!

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JObject uploadData = JObject.Parse(json);
int rowsAdded = Convert.ToInt32((string)uploadData["d"][0]["numberOfRowsAdded"])
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You need to cast to JArray:

string json = "{\"d\":[{\"numberOfRowsAdded\":\"26723\"}]}";
JObject parsed = JObject.Parse(json);
JArray array = (JArray) parsed["d"];
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That is one option but casting to a JArray isn't required: uploadData["d"][0]["numberOfRowsAdded"] –  James Newton-King Mar 5 '13 at 4:29
@JamesNewton-King: For some reason I'd read the question as wanting to know the number of elements in the array... and JArray felt like the simplest way to do that. –  Jon Skeet Mar 5 '13 at 4:32

You can cast your JObject as a dynamic object.
You can also cast your array to JArray object.

JObject yourObject;
//To access to the properties in "dot" notation use a dynamic object
dynamic obj = yourObject;
//Loop over the array
foreach (dynamic item in obj.d) {
  var rows = (int)item.numberOfRowsAdded;
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