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So - I want to make a windows phone app that links to my webpage when I open it - how do i do that? I have the SDK, and tried with the browser, but I can't seem to find anyway to set a homepage?

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You could use the WebBrowser control, placing it on an otherwise empty page. This may allow you to fine tune the experience if wish.

But what would be even easier is to just use the WebBrowserTask. This would launch you right back out of your app and into OS's true browser experience. In the App.xaml.cs file, just add the following code:

private void PhoneApplicationService_Launching(object sender, LaunchingEventArgs e)
    WebBrowserTask webBrowserTask = new WebBrowserTask();

    webBrowserTask.Uri = new Uri("http://my.superawesomewebsite.com", UriKind.Absolute);


You app will immediately launch the browser an you don't have to do anything else.

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Try with these articles. Very well explained scenario.
From Nokia Developers site.
From CSharp Corner site.

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