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In MULE 3.3.0 CE, I wrote a simple java class with constructor and two methods, I copied them at below:

 public class Book {
        private String title;

        public Book(String theTitle) {
            // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub
            title = theTitle;

        public String getTitle(){
            return title;

        public String displayAuthorName(String authorName) {
            return authorName;

Now I want to add my java class, as a bean in my .mflow(Configuration XML) and then pass payload to the java class method.

How can I do this issue?

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In order to get this done, you need to:

  1. Define your component as a spring bean.
  2. Define the entry point of your component.
  3. Use your component within a flow.

Here is an example:

package com.mypackage.test;

import org.mule.api.annotations.param.Payload;

    public class MyComponent {

    private String myProperty;

    public String getMyProperty() {
        return myProperty;

    public void setMyProperty(String myProperty) {
        this.myProperty = myProperty;

    public String doProcess(@Payload String payload) {
        //do something interesting
        return "You said: " + payload;


A way to define the entry point is by using the @Payload annotation.

And then a sample flow:

<spring:bean id="myBean" class="com.mypackage.test.MyComponent">
    <spring:property name="myProperty" value="Some Value" />

<flow name="componentFlow">
    <http:inbound-endpoint address="http://localhost:8082/test" />
        <spring-object bean="myBean" />
    <set-property propertyName="Content-Type" value="text/plain" doc:name="Property" />
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Alberto López Cava, How can I use my java class methods? I want to call them and give an output from my methods by using spring in .mflow(Configuration XML) file –  brelian Mar 4 '13 at 8:33
Hi, I've edited this to show how it's done. –  Juan Alberto López Cavallotti Mar 4 '13 at 14:12

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