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I want to add 2 new columns to existing table.

One of them should be not null with default value 0 (filled in the existing rows as well)

I have tried the following syntax.

Alter TABLE dbo.MamConfiguration
    add [IsLimitedByNumOfUsers] [bit]  NOT NULL,
    CONSTRAINT IsLimitedByNumOfUsers_Defualt [IsLimitedByNumOfUsers] DEFAULT 0
    [NumOfUsersLimit] [int] NULL

But it throws exception. How should I write it?

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You can use this :

ALTER TABLE dbo.MamConfiguration
ADD [IsLimitedByNumOfUsers] [BIT] NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,   
    [NumOfUsersLimit] [INT] NULL


ALTER TABLE dbo.MamConfiguration
ADD [IsLimitedByNumOfUsers] [BIT] NOT NULL 
        CONSTRAINT IsLimitedByNumOfUsers_Defualt DEFAULT 0,
    [NumOfUsersLimit] [INT] NULL


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I would always recommend option #2 - give your constraints explicit names - makes it a lot easier if you need to drop them later on! –  marc_s Mar 3 '13 at 11:57
@marc_s: yeah, I strongly agree with you! –  Iswanto San Mar 3 '13 at 11:58

Try this.

ALTER TABLE dbo.MamConfiguration  
ADD [IsLimitedByNumOfUsers] [bit]  NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,     
[NumOfUsersLimit] [int] NULL  
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