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I have this php code like:

imagejpeg($img, "mydir/captcha.jpg", 100);

I want to add a random number infront of captcha so captcha.jpg becomes like captcha3432.jpg and next time captcha9787.jpg.


$number2= rand(555511, 99879);

How do I add $number2 infront of captcha like > captcha$number2.jpg

Please advise.

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your question is about first lesson in PHP –  user1646111 Mar 3 '13 at 11:20

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imagejpeg($img, "mydir/captcha".$number2.".jpg", 100);
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imagejpeg($img, "mydir/captcha{$number2}.jpg", 100);

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You pretty much answered your own question. When using double quotes you can parse variables in a string, like so. Note that this behavior doesn't work with single quotes.

$number2 = rand(555511, 99879);
imagejpeg($img, "mydir/captcha$number2.jpg", 100);
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