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I am developing a web site with the PHP Facebook SDK. I get all the events of a place by graph and show them on the site by with code:


This works but I have this problem: with the web site I also get with the Facebook login the Facebook ID of a web user and store its id into my MySQL Database table pnota_USERS.

To get all the events of the Facebook ID stored in my Database I use this code:


$db=mysql_connect($db_host,$db_user,$db_pass) or die("errore nella connessione al database");

$query="select * from pnota_users where facebook_id<>'' or facebook_id<>null";

foreach($rrx as $kkx)
$zzz= $facebook->api('/'.$kkx.'/events', 'get', array("fields"=>"id, owner, name,location"));
$fql = "SELECT name, location, start_time,end_time,eid FROM event WHERE eid IN (SELECT eid FROM event_member WHERE uid =".$kkx.") and start_time >='".$today."' and start_time<='".$tomorrow."' order by start_time desc" ;
$ret_objxx = $facebook->api(array(
'method'    =>'fql.query',
'req_perms' => 'friends_events,publish_stream,read_friendlists,email,user_events,manage_friendlists,rsvp_event,manage_notifications,user_online_presence',
'query'     => $fql) );

foreach($ret_objxx as $keyxx)
$item=array("eid" => keyxx[eid],"name"=>'.',"start_time"=>$keyxx[start_time],"end_time"=>$keyxx[end_time],"timezone"=>'-',"location"=>$keyxx[location]);

This FQL doesn't show me results. I try to put the query FQL directly to the Graph API Explorer : In the Graph API Explorer if I choose in the top-right, the application Graph API Explorer it show me results. If I choose in the Graph API Explorer in the top-right, the application Graph API Explorer iprimanota that is the name of my application it doesn't show me results.

My question is this:

I use bad permiss

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Your question is? – Stijn Geukens Mar 3 '13 at 12:38
why i haven't results by fql? – Giulio Felicioni Mar 3 '13 at 13:03
can i get events of an user id facebook that is not my friend? by php sdk? – Giulio Felicioni Mar 3 '13 at 13:05
$facebook->api('/******/events'); – Giulio Felicioni Mar 3 '13 at 13:06

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