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Flot shows when hovering over a data point there is a transparent expanding of that point shown. e.g. take a look here:


Is it possible to modify this hover effect? I don't want the radius of it that big.

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I also had the same problem. I checked out the drawPointHighlight function as Ryley mentioned and found that Flot calculates the radius using the following formula:

var pointRadius = series.points.radius + series.points.lineWidth / 2;

To be able to control the radius without having to edit the plugin itself, you can specify a radius in the options as such (I removed the other options for clarity):

var plot = $.plot($("#placeholder"),[d], {
           series: {
               points: { radius: 1 }

This means however that you'll be controlling the size of the point itself. Hope this helped.


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You cannot control this, unless you are willing to edit the source code of flot. The relevant area in Flot 0.7 is the function drawPointHighlight. You'd likely want to change the radius variable...

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Change the radius form the point series, that will affect also the radius of the hover itself.

Something like this:

points: { radius: 1 }

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