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I'm trying to figure out how HybridAuth works. I've installed it on my server as per instructions, added my developer key for Facebook, Google etc, however when i go to the "Tiny Social Hub" example:

and click "Sign-in with Facebook", i get redirected to:

Similar with "Sign-in with Google":

And i just see the directly listing of /inc/hybridauth/ which includes:


What am i missing?

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I was able to solve this. For anyone who might run into this problem, the fix was based on a response to the question Hybrid auth with Yii causing a redirect loop, specifically the following point:

Your base_url in configuration file "hybridauth.php" should be set to "/hauth/endpoint" i.e. it must point to the endpoint. If you have removed index.php through .htaccess then use "/index.php/hauth/endpoint".

I needed to adjust my base url from:

"base_url" => ""


"base_url" => ""

My guess is that the first url would work in most instances because index.php is usually the default directory page. Whereas I've configured Apache to use home.php on my server.

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Assuming you're using Apache, another solution would have been for you to tell it to recognize index.php as an index file.

Add the following in the relevant /etc/(httpd|apache2)/sites.enabled/ or httpd.conf file

DirectoryIndex index.php

Or, assuming apache is configured to allow .htaccess files, simply create an .htaccess file and put the above line in there.

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