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I'm a newer to wxWidgets. My wxWidgets version: wxWidgets-2.8.12, codeblocks: 12.11, in minGW.

My code is:

item=new wxMenuItem(settings,id,wxT("showTip"),wxT(""),wxITEM_CHECK );
settings->Append(item);/* after Append to 'settings', item->IsChecked()==false. */

First I create a menuItem and set the check-status to 'true'. And then add to the menu. And a strange thing happens, the check-status is changed to 'false'. please tell me why?

By the way, this is my test code for this question.

wxMenu *settings=new wxMenu;
wxMenuItem *item=new wxMenuItem(settings,menuID_MENU,wxT("test menu"),wxT("help message"),wxITEM_CHECK);
bool check_status=item->IsChecked();
bool check_status_after=item->IsChecked();

    wxLogMessage(wxT("not equal"));
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I can't really tell why it's implemented this way, but the documentation indicates that Check "only works when the item is already appended to a menu."

Internally (on Windows), IsChecked will check whether it's appended to a menu; if so, it grabs the Checked state from that, otherwise it will return the value of a flag it stores itself. That's why the result changes when you Append the item.

Swapping the Check and Append lines should be a straightforward workaround.

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Yes, that right! I ignored that important indication. Thanks. –  Donglei Mar 4 '13 at 3:15

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