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Is in play framework exist something similiar like rendered attrubite in JSF ?

I have a form:

    @checkbox(parametersForm("checkDuplicates"), '_label -> "Check duplicates")
    @checkbox(parametersForm("checkDuplicatesCaseSensitive"), '_label -> "Case-sensitive check duplicates")

And I have bean to post this parameters with two boolean variables 'checkDuplicates' and 'checkDuplicatesCaseSensitive':

@(parametersForm: Form[ImportController.ImportParameters])

I want to achieve results when checkbox case-sensitive will be visible for user only when check duplicates will be checked.

I know I can do that using simple java script but I've been interesting is exist for this embedded mechanism (showing / hiding fields depends on other fields). I suspect it can be possible with set hidden value in input like

 'hidden -> @parametersForm.get.checkDuplicates==true

but I new in scala hence my question.

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You can just wrap your field with @if - else condition

@if(parametersForm.get("checkDuplicates").value==true) {
    @checkbox(parametersForm("someAlt"), '_label -> "Some alt")
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It doesn't compile, it should be: parametersForm("checkDuplicates").value=="true" and I'm looking for client side mechanism. – przemek Mar 3 '13 at 16:37
Play2 doesn't provide client side mechanisms – Julien Lafont Mar 3 '13 at 22:04
My fault, written from top of my head, sry. Anyway as @JulienLafont wrote, there's no client side mechanics, so you just able to use any JS framework you wish – biesior Mar 3 '13 at 22:30

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