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starting rails developer here. what's the main difference between find, where and find_by_id? They all work when you try to find a user given an id. Thanks!

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The difference is what they return when a record is found, or when it's not found. Consider the following examples:

>> User.create name: 'THE USER' # creates a user with id = 1
>> User.find(1) # returns the user
>> User.find_by_id(1) # returns the user
>> User.where(id: 1).first # returns the user

As you can see, an existing user can be fetched using any of the 3 methods. The big difference with using where is you can chain commands (of course, without calling first first.)

Let's have a look at when you try to find a record that isn't existing

>> User.find(2) # raises an exception
>> User.find_by_id(2) # nil
>> User.where(id: 2).first # nil

So here, it's obvious that when you use find to search for a record that isn't existing, you get an exception. That exception is ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound which renders a 404 on production environment.

Hope this helps!


Rails 4 uses the following syntax for find_by

>> User.find_by(id: 1)  # returns nil if there's no user with an id of 1
>> User.find_by!(id: 1) # raises ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound when no record is found
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You should note that all find_by_* methods are deprecrated in rails 4 in favor of find_by(*: ...) so here that would be be : find_by(id: ...) –  pjam Mar 3 '13 at 13:04
wow I didn't know that. thanks! why isn't that mentioned here? edgeguides.rubyonrails.org/4_0_release_notes.html –  jvnill Mar 3 '13 at 13:15

find => this is used to find row by id. This will return single record.


find_by => this is used to get row by any attributes of record. This will return first matching record if condition matches.

Address.find_by_street_name_and_city("Andheri", "Newyork")

where => this is used get active records based on conditions to return active record relation (i.e.) may be zero or more records.

YourModel.where(:attrname => "something")
Address.where(:city => "Newyork")
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