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is it possible to make the clicked link text bold, through the use of only HTML/css?

    <div id="menu-bg">
        <div id="menu-text">
            <ul id="list">
                <li><a href="experience.php">THE EXPERIENCE</a><br>
                    <a href="services.php">SERVICES</a><br>
                    <a href="adventures.php">ADVENTURE</a><br>
                    <a href="tour.php">TOUR</a><br>
                    <a href="gallery.php">GALLERY</a><br>
                    <a href="reviews.php">REVIEWS</a><br>
                    <a href="location.php">LOCATION</a>

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Not really since you need to read the current document location which is dynamic. –  Shadow Wizard Mar 3 '13 at 13:23

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a:visited {
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Definitely Yes.

For html/css, you can use:

    li a:active{

You can also use javascript/jquery on that:

$('li a').click(function(e){
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You may try -

ul li a:visited {

write me if problem persists.

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