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I have two dropdown lists whose selected values will be used to filter a dataset - for some reason returning an empty array? Can anyone help?"#parameterType").on("change", function() { filterData(); });"#dateTimeTaken").on("change", function() { filterData(); });

    function filterData()
    var selectedParameter = document.getElementById("parameterType").value;
    var selectedMonth = document.getElementById("dateTimeTaken").value;

    var selectedData = data.filter(function(d) 
         return d.parameterType == selectedParameter && 
            +d.dateTimeTaken.getMonth() == (selectedMonth - 1);

    console.log(selectedData);//RETURNING EMPTY ARRAY?


Only actually returning empty array if I don't initially choose first options from either dropdown list (see image below)e.g if I select Temperature and 2 (displaying month number at mo) array returned empty - but if choose PH and 3 will return array populated correctly - then if I go back and choose first options will also return array populated correctly? Completely puzzled? Would it be something to do with the fact the dropdowns are dynamically populated from mySql database - maybe something incorrect with my PHP? (shown below)

require_once "json-util.php";
$list = $_GET['getlist'];
    case 'parameterType':
        $qry = "SELECT parameterType FROM Parameters";
    case 'dateTimeTaken':
        $qry = "SELECT DISTINCT MONTH(dateTimeTaken) as dateTimeTaken FROM TestSourceSampleData";

if(empty($qry)){ echo "invalid params! "; exit; }

$dbconn = mysql_connect('*******','********','*******') 
        or die("DB login failed!");

mysql_select_db('*****', $dbconn) 
        or die("Database does not exist! ".mysql_error($dbconn));

$result = mysql_query($qry,$dbconn)
        or die("Query $qry failed! ".mysql_error($dbconn));

$rows = array();

while($rec = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) 
    $rows[] = $rec;

echo json_encode($rows);

enter image description here

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have you tried to debug/trace your anonymous filter function? – Karoly Horvath Mar 3 '13 at 14:25
Can not you receive the change target element into your filterData function? – Cris Stringfellow Mar 3 '13 at 14:31
See update above:) – Newbie Mar 4 '13 at 14:14
Still unresolved - but think something to do with the php and the fact that there isn't a "selected" option. – Newbie Mar 6 '13 at 21:43

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