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So. I'm having a problem with backbone search output. When I search something, everything works fine and outputs: Result: test Now... When I decide to search something else, it will output it as Result: testResult: test2 which is incorrect.. Also I have online demo http://jsbin.com/ogabam/3 And thank you.


<form name="input" action="" method="get">
Search: <input type="text" name="search">
<input type="submit" value="Submit">

<script type="text/javascript">
$('form').submit(function() {
    var form_data = ($(this).serialize());
    window.location.hash = form_data.replace('=','/');
    return false;


(function() {

window.App = {
    Models: {},
    Collections: {},
    Views: {},
    Router: {}

App.Router = Backbone.Router.extend({
    routes: {
        '': 'index',
        'show/:id': 'show',
        'search/:query': 'search',
        '*other': 'default'

    index: function() {

    show: function(id) {

    search: function(query) {
        $(document.body).append("Result: " + query);


new App.Router();

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Add a div as a placeholder of the result and just replace the text with the result.

(If you want to use append you can use empty() before)

working example: http://jsbin.com/ogabam/4/

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