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i want to select the data in a table such that it should group it by userid except one value in that column and order by date time and desc. The problem i am getting is the grouped items are not ordering by date and time and in desc manner. I mean the grouped item is showing earlier row. How can i do that. This is what i have done.

SELECT * FROM `tbljobs`
   GROUP BY user_id
     SELECT * FROM tbljobs
     WHERE user_id = '1'
     ORDER BY date_time DESC
     LIMIT 20"

where '1' is should not be grouped.

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Your ORDER BY is only executed on the second statement. You have to use braces to order the whole results:

FROM `tbljobs`
GROUP BY user_id)
FROM tbljobs
WHERE user_id = '1')
ORDER BY date_time DESC
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thanks for this.but i think i didn't explained my problem properly. the column is grouped according to the date and time in desc manner but the grouped users are showing the old job. –  Feroz Akbar Mar 3 '13 at 15:44
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Thank you frnds for your suggestions.finally i have got the solution by myself after trying alot.

(SELECT * FROM (select * from tbljobs order by date_time desc ) as A where user_id <> '1' group by user_id ) union all (select * from tbljobs where user_id=1) order by date_time desc
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