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I've been learnign ruby and rails. I need now to build a local dev environement and a deployment architecture. According to what i've read and thought, I will need:

  • rails

  • linux

  • apache (or ngninx)

  • Capistrano for apps server

  • Chef for web server

  • versioning with git (usung smartgit to operate)

  • Passenger

I'd like to find a very practical guide, step y step if possible, to guide me through how to implement these on my local machine and how to organize the deployment (in my case to AWS EC2).

I failed to find a book or online resource (a short step by step video tuto or online guide would be great) to help me with these. Would you know any good ones ?

Thanks for your help, Mathieu

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3 Answers

This is not step by step, but this is a short recap of my stack, you might want to have a look : http://blog.siami.fr/articles/my-ruby-on-rails-stack

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I think you should start simple, and add later more complexity (if needed). So I think that the book: Deploying Rails from the "Pragmatic Bookshelf" should contain everything you will (ever?) need. I have bought it, and read it partially. From what I have understood, it is the second part of what you want (production).

For the first part, you could start with the Turnkey applicance for Ruby on Rails, where Linux, Apache, MySQL (missing from your list), passenger are included. So add Git to it, and decide how your Git repositories should be managed and combined, and the picture should be nearly complete.

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http://railscasts.com if you don't know it yet .-) video + text tutorial very clear

Excellent resource with few episodes on capistrano, chef, and also a step by step to install a vps from scratch


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