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I am trying to do an Excel program to generate a result as shown in the picture. However I was unable to write the program for the column D and E which is the Sign and Series. Basically it should be a summing series and I tried function such as sum(x^(0:A3)/FACT(0:A3)) but unfortunately it doesn't work. Hoping someone from here could give me a helping hand.

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I'm not very strong in math, so could you please explain in more simple way what you want for both parameters? –  Peter L. Mar 3 '13 at 19:30

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Not sure, I interpreted your question right, but here are the formulas I'd put in to get the result you posted: (always copy the second formula, i.e. from row 4) down)

  • A3: 0, A4: =A3+1
  • B3: 1, B4: =B3*A4
  • C3: =$B$1^A3/B3
  • D3: 1, D4: =-D3 (alternative: =-1^A4
  • E3: 1, E4: =(C4-C3)*D4


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If column D is supposed to alternate signs indiscriminate of what happens in the other columns, you could just fill it with =(-1)^(1+ROW()). If column E is supposed to add up the alternatingly positive and negative values from column C (as determined by the sign in D), a simple SUMPRODUCT would work. Something like this: =SUMPRODUCT(C$3:C3,D$3:D3) would work in E3 and copied all the way down.

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