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I am using VC++.

IPicture provide multiple functions, such as get_Handle, Render and SaveAsFile. It is easy to be used.

IPictureDisp inherits from IDispatch, so it only provide invoke method. It is not friendly.

Now I get one ocx which only returns IPictureDisp object. So is there a method to convert IPictureDisp to IPicture directly? I have not much experience in ATL/COM.

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As MSDN states:

OLE Implementation

[...] the system provides a standard implementation of the picture object. Its primary interfaces are IPicture and IPictureDisp. A picture object is created with OleCreatePictureIndirect and supports both the IPicture and the IPictureDisp interfaces.

With both interfaces supported, having IPictureDisp you can query for IPicture via regular QueryInterface:

IPictureDisp* pPictureDisp = ...
CComQIPtr<IPicture> pPicture = pPictureDisp;

Note that if it does not work, and IPicture is not directly available, you can use IPictureDisp::Invoke with DISPID_PICT_HANDLE, DISPID_PICT_RENDER to access the properties/methods.

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Yes, you are right, thanks. –  Tody.Lu Mar 4 '13 at 10:45

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