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I have changed the save method to include a modified date field to changed on all saves. I want to know if I update the model using update() method. Will the save method be called??

Please answer explaining if not than how can I update the modified date field on all modifications

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If you read the documentation on the update method of a queryset you will notice it says the following:

Finally, realize that update() does an update at the SQL level and, thus, does not call any save() methods on your models, nor does it emit the pre_save or post_save signals (which are a consequence of calling Model.save()).


If you want to update a bunch of records for a model that has a custom save() method, loop over them and call save(), like this:

for e in Entry.objects.filter(pub_date__year=2010):
    e.comments_on = False
    # Or in your case, update the date here
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Right! Also, remember that exists auto_now_add and, also, model util MonitorField. Both approach avoid you overwrite save method. –  danihp Mar 3 '13 at 15:57

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