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I have a form where i have used Infragistics windows grid control to display the data. In this, i have placed a button on one of the cell. I want to set its visibility either True or False based on the row condition. I have handled the InitializeRow event of UltraWinGrid control and able to disable the button. But i am unable to set the button's visible to False.

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Have you tried asking on forums.infragistics.com/forums/default.aspx ? –  Blorgbeard Sep 30 '08 at 7:00
Have you ever asked Infragistics for help? Not a rewarding experience. Half of the time they can't even answer (given that you at least provide some kind of code sample with a reasonable explanation of your issue) and when they do answer it isn't that helpful...Better off asking Google for help versus asking them –  cking24343 Oct 23 '13 at 20:09

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UltraGridRow row = ...

row.Cells[buttonCellIndex].Hidden = true;

(I'm using the UltraGrid in Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2008 Vol. 2 CLR 2.0.)

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At first yo must achieve the row and cell , then use findControl method and assign that to a button , now the button is in your hand . you can set the visibility :)

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