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Hi I want some help in building a Phone book application on python and put it on google app engine. I am running a huge db of 2 million user lists and their contacts in phonebook. I want to upload all that data from my servers directly onto the google servers and then use a UI to retrieve the phone book contacts of each user based on his name.

I am using MS SQL sever 2005 as my DB.

Please help in putting together this application.

Your inputs are much appreciated.

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For building your UI, AppEngine has it's own web framework called webapp that is pretty easy to get working. I've also had a good experience using the Jinja2 templating engine, which you can include in your source, or package as a zip file (example shows Django, you can do the same type of thing for Jinja).

As for loading all of your data into the DataStore, you should take a look at the bulk uploader documentation.

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I think you're going to need to be more specific as to what problem you're having. As far as bulk loading goes, there's lots of bulkloader documentation around; or are you asking about model design? If so, we need to know more about how you plan to search for users. Do you need partial string matches? Sorting? Fuzzy matching?

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Yes I would like to know a model design to upload the data to the google servers and then use that data in a UI where I would like to display the contacts of a user by doing string match of the username. I have two tables- user,contacts. User table contains the registration details of the users and contacts table has the phonebook of each user. – Arun Oct 5 '09 at 12:14

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