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Hi I tried a search for: "best asp.net blog”, “good asp.net blog" and went thru the blag and blogging tags and got nothing really what I am asking, so if it’s been asked before, I apologize and please point me the way.

I am looking for a relatively good and well supported, and preferably open source blog application that runs on asp.net/mssql. It doesn’t need to be packed full of features, it just needs the basics, such as tagging, comments, etc. Extra features are a bonus.

I would also like it to be either open source or have an extendable framework for customization of not only the look, but the functionality; preferably written in C# if its open source, as that is my language of choice.

Good performance, etc, the usual stuff when looking for applications.

Even if its a CMS with a blog in it, that would be benificial to point out as well.

Any input is appreciated. If you do have input, please give the name, a link, and some of the the things you find good about it. Even if someone has posted what you were going to post, but you have other things you like about it, please add those things anyways.

EDIT: Thanks for the input. I have garnered from the responses to check out BlogEngine.Net, subtext, dasBlog, and to stay away from the blog in dotnetnuke.

I have checked them out and will start with BlogEngine, as it seems to fit my needs for now. Anymore suggestions are still welcome though in the mean time untill i really get into using it/them.


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I used BlogEngine.NET for one of my clients, can definitely recommend it.

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thx, i probably should have posted it is for one of my clients as well, but if its good i may end up using it myself as a working blog to keep my cleints updated. –  mattlant Sep 30 '08 at 5:44
It has some nice skins and plenty of 3rd party add-ons as well, its very good. –  Tim Jarvis Sep 30 '08 at 5:51
Looks like it will be BlogEngine for me. –  mattlant Oct 1 '08 at 13:22

The 2 big ones are blogengine and subtext. Dasblog is good, but just be aware that it's run on XML there's no database backend which is both a pro and con.

I would strongly recommend you stay well away from the DotNetNuke blogging engine. It's low on features, difficult to configure and not very intuitive to use.

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Subtext is a good option. I haven't seen it provide tag clouds, but other than that it works very well!

To quote from their site:

Subtext is an open source project licensed under the BSD license. It is a fork of the popular .TEXT blogging platform.

It run as an ASP.Net/C# site and connects to MSSQL

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I have just been told that it supports tags, you just need to choose a skin that provides that functionality. –  FryHard Sep 30 '08 at 5:46
thx for the update. –  mattlant Sep 30 '08 at 6:05
Also note it was the brainchild of Phil Haack, a member of StackOverflow and the current head honcho for the MVC framework. They are also looking at rewriting SubText using the MVC framework –  Diago Sep 30 '08 at 7:56
Interesting note. I will kep that in mind. Would make it quite interesting under MVC. Thx. –  mattlant Oct 2 '08 at 7:03

There are two i know of: BlogEngine.NET and DasBlog

I'm using BlogEngine.NET. Very easy to extend as it uses the providers for membership and such. Can be configured to run on MSSQL, but default it will run using XML.

DasBlog should also be a great blog engine, although I have never really played with it.

Both are Open Source, and in C#

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