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This question has been asked a lot of times but I did not find a relevant solution for my requirement.

I want to build a simple Augmented reality App on Android which uses Spatial data (R-Tree) to store the geographic data. I found this solution Spatialite which seems great, but I had few problems with their tools and it looks quite complex for my app. Another trick is to use SQLite with SQLITE_ENABLE_RTREE enabled, which requires me to build my own SQlite libraries.

All I need is to store Spatial data compatible to R-Tree algorithm (I have small set of data covering buildings within a university campus) in the phone and then query it according to the current location.

I am looking for some direction to achieve this, mostly on the storage part.

Thanks in advance.

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Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I am working on something similar. – stackoverflowuser2010 Jan 24 '14 at 2:30

I think the usefulness of the R-Tree is evident with large datasets. Have you tested performance just using standard SQL w/ standard indexes? Just a snippet from the SQLite page:

    SELECT id FROM campus WHERE x>=-81.08 AND x<=-80.58 AND y>=35.00 AND y<=35.44

I understand you may not want the maintenance burden of compiling SQLite yourself.

What about switching to JavaScript?

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