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I am trying to write a method to verify page title using page objects but I am unable to do it. Could you please help me out how to write a method to verify page title after searching something in the google page.

Here is my 2 classes.

Class 1

public class GoogleSearchPage {

protected  WebDriver driver;

private WebElement SearchBox;

private WebElement SearchButton;    

public void SearchFor(String SearchTerm)



 public class TestSearchResults {
WebDriver driver;
GoogleSearchPage page;

public void Launch() throws Exception
    driver = new FirefoxDriver();

public void Close()

public void ResultPage() {
    page=PageFactory.initElements(driver, GoogleSearchPage.class);



Could you please help how to verify the title after displaying the Search results

Note: I am using TestNG.

Thanks in Advance, Shiva Oleti.

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Try this:

assertEquals("Your Page Title" , driver.getTitle());

driver.getTitle() - Returns Title of your current page.

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You can get & verify title of page using python webdriver. See below codes

driver.title('title name')
assert 'title name' in driver.title('title name')

It will verify the title name. if it is there title name test case pass else through assert error.

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