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I'm using MixerHostAudio to listen to what I'm saying, at the same moment I'm talking. Than I can even use it with my Apple TV and it works. My question is, can I speak and at the same moment hear what I'm saying on a bluetooth device ? Seems not cause I can't select my Bluetooth device while my app is opened. Thanks.

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Yeah this is a nice question.Even I am also trying for that.While we are speaking at one end(microphone) that should be played at same time at another end(Bluetooth speaker). – SURESH SANKE Jan 16 '14 at 12:48

Good Question. I had a similar one and spent hours on the phone with Apple trying to get it answered. Unfortunately iOS 7 does not allow AVAudioSession to have input and output configured independently. The closest you can get is using the MultiRoute Category, but it does not currently support Bluetooth devices. Submit a bug report to Apple and hopefully they will add it to future versions of iOS.

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