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I have a slide show with bet 20 - 40 images, but there is a significant delay before each image loads even though I've set them all to preload (I recently increased it to preload: '40'). What can I do to improve this?

The settings for the slideshow are:

$(function () {
  autoResize: true,
  autoCenter: true,
  scrolling: 'no',
  preload: '40',
     helpers: {         
            overlay: {
                closeClick: false

I'm using it in conjunction with this function:

function manipulateDOM1() {
function changeObjectsTrendy() {
    document.getElementById("questionTrendy").innerHTML = textTrendy[textTrendyNumber];
function NextImageTrendy() {
    if (imgTrendyNumber < NumberOfTrendyImages)
    document.images["trendy"].src = trendy[imgTrendyNumber];
    document.images["trendyControl"].src = trendyControl[imgTrendyNumber];
    document.getElementById["questionTrendy"].innerHTML = textTrendy[textTrendyNumber];
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have you tried preload: 40 .... normally Boolean and integer values go without quotes. Also, you don't need the trial comma if there is not a following option. You'll see IE complaining –  JFK Mar 3 '13 at 18:09
Good to know :-D I just saw that there was a recent update to the js for the slideshow, and thankfully that made a huge difference (there's now only a marginal delay) :-) –  Chaya Cooper Mar 3 '13 at 18:31

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Problem solved :-D

I just saw that there had been a recent update to the js for the fancybox slideshow, and thankfully that's made a huge difference (there's now only a marginal delay) :-)

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