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I'm using the DBMS_SQL package that returns the value '12345' as a value for a column name.

How do you trim the apostrophes out from the value so that it could be converted into a number?

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Something like the following should trim the apostrophes:

substr(columnName, 2, length(columnName) - 2)

(As an aside, it's a pretty odd DB with a column name that's an integer, isn't it?)

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Pretty odd design. Yes. Though it has its advantages. Anyways, nicely done. Works perfectly. – jonasespelita Oct 5 '09 at 9:23

This will remove leading and trailing apostrophes from a value:


or if you prefer:

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you could just use the "REPLACE" function to replace all single-quotes in the string with NULLs.

eg . with quotes : select 'Hello,''World''' from dual

quotes removed: select replace('Hello,''World''','''',NULL) from dual

But, a columnname in Oracle cannot begin with a digit, so 12345 is invalid as a column-name anyway.

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