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I'm new to this site.

Javascript is not much, but I found a code to show and hide divs.

This is what I have for now, when clicking on Details1 also shown Details2

How I can do to make the effect only to the current item?

example: If I have the options Details 1 Details 2, 3 ..... Details DetailsN, clicking on Details # shows only the div that belongs.

The effect Show / Hide, applies to everyone, not just one. I would like to help me with this code or wish I could recommend another code

I have almost one day trying to fix this problem but I couldn't fix it.

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Based on your jsFiddle, I've renamed the links inside hidden blocks:

<a href="#" class="hide">hide</a>

then updated the jQuery code:


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Use this as in your jQuery part:

$('.slidingDiv .hide').click(function(){

This will cause the parent div which contains the hide anchor to toggle. I hope this is what you needed

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