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I'm using the requirejs optimizer to minify my modules into one single file for production. I want to however exclude jQuery from the file so it can be loaded separately from the actual application logic, how can I achieve this? I tried setting this up with the exclude and excludeShallow parameters, but when I run the page I get the following error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined app.min.js:14 (anonymous function) app.min.js:14

My grunt config for requirejs looks like this:

requirejs: {
        minify: {
            options: {
                baseUrl: 'js',
                mainConfigFile: 'js/main.js',
                name: 'main',
                out: 'js/app.min.js',
                excludeShallow: [

Many thanks!

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Can you add in your app.min.js? –  Chris Sep 4 '13 at 17:28

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Here's how: http://requirejs.org/docs/optimization.html#empty

In a build profile:

    baseUrl: ".",
    name: "main",
    out: "main-built.js",
    paths: {
        jquery: "empty:"
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I guess that you are using some libraries which depends on jQuery. Are you using shim option to tell dependency?

I mean, your js/main.js has to contain configuration like below:

shim: {
  'some-library': ['jquery']
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Try capitalizing jQuery the same in app.min.js as in excludeShallow. I've run into similar problems before on *nix machines.

(Do you have app.min.js? That might help with figuring this out.)

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