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n00b mysql question:

If i have a table with all end-user names and Id's and I want to keep track of each users's connections, should each end-user get their own table?


end user A is connected to User B, User C and User D; should there be a separate table, just for user A, that has a list:

User B  |    84746
User C  |    94837
User D  |    03265
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I'd strongly suggest against it -- do not create multiple tables that will need to be the result of queries (e.g. SELECT * from (CONCAT(...))). Instead create a table that maps end users with their connections:

 id (primary key) | endUser  | connectedUser | connections
 1                | User A   | User B        | 84746
 2                | User A   | User C        | 94837
 3                | User A   | User D        | 03265

index the endUser column for faster access, and you should be set.

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No, use one table. That's what databases are for :-) Otherwise, you will wind up with tons of tables (if you have a lot of users). And even if you don't expect a lot of users, that's not the way to go.

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I don't know how you could possibly manage having a variable number of tables, but you would lose all relations that way. You should add one table for the relationships:

CREATE TABLE Relationships (
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