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When I invoke release:peform on my project. it invokes deploy which in-turn invokes gpg. I'd like to pass the gpg passphrase into the process using a system property or environment variable but neither seems to work.

If I invoke mvn.bat '-Darguments="-Dgpg_passphrase=test"' -Pwindows-i386-msvc-debug -DconnectionUrl=scm:hg: release:perform Maven ends up invoking:

cmd.exe /X /C mvn deploy --no-plugin-updates -Psonatype-oss-release -P windows-i386-msvc-debug,always-active -f pom.xml"

And as you can see, neither environment variables nor the -Darguments command-line arguments are passed to the deploy goal. Any ideas?

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You have configured as -Denv.gpg_passphrase=test, Please correct me, if I'm wrong. I understand that you are trying to pass the environment variable which is not allowed here. it is a system properties named env.gpg_passphrase instead. The -D is always the system properties.

If you would like to use the environment variable, please configure through the OS configuration instead. If you would like to use the system properties please use -D. Please do not mix these two types.

IMHO, I've a scenario as your mentioning to sign the artifact as well. I configure by specifying the "maven-release-plugin" explicitly at the build section as the following example.


I also configure the properties named my.release.arguments at each developer settings.xml for security purpose (do not share the secret, e.g. user/password/private key,etc.). I am able like to know and identify who releases these artifacts by looking at the signature.

I hope this may help.


Charlee Ch.

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It turns out this is caused by a Sonatype bug:

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