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I am having problems getting my Python script to do what I want. It does not appear to be modifying my file.

I want to:

  1. Read in a *.csv file that has the following format PropertyName::PropertyValue,…,PropertyName::PropertyValue,{ExtPropertyName::ExtPropertyValue},…,{ExtPropertyName:: ExtPropertyValue}
  2. I want to remove PropertyName:: and leave behid just a column of the PropertyValue
  3. I want to add a header line

I was trying to step through replacing the :: values with a comma, but cant seem to get this to work:

fin = csv.reader(open('infile', 'rb'), delimiter=',')
fout = open('outfile', 'w')
for row in fin:
   fout.write(','.join(','.join(item.split()) for item in row) + '::')

Any advice, whether on my first step problem, or to a bigger picture resolution is always appreciated. Thanks.

UPDATE/EDIT asked for by a person nice enough to review for me!

Here is the first line of the *.csv file (INPUT)


In a perfect world here is what I would like my text file to look like (OUTPUT)

InnerDiameterOrWidth, InnerHeight, Length2dCenterToCenter,,,,,,,,,,,

so one header line and the values in column


The end of each line has JSON formatted text:


WHich I need to split into X Y Z and X Y Z with headers

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Could you please update you question with some proper input and the expected output? BTW, welcome to SO! – Fredrik Pihl Mar 3 '13 at 20:19
Thanks Fredrik, long time reader- first time poster! Will update shortly. – Mattfrom Maine Mar 3 '13 at 20:34
What's your problem? And why you don't write the file with csv.writer? – wRAR Mar 3 '13 at 20:37
the file has multiple delimiters and I cant seem to get the above code to work (response to wRAR). Thank you for looking. – Mattfrom Maine Mar 3 '13 at 20:40
wRAR, sorry, I dont think I addressed your question. Why not csv.writer? Because I am a newbie and just learning Python for the first time...... Will look into it. – Mattfrom Maine Mar 3 '13 at 20:47

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Maybe something like this (assuming that each line has the same keys, and in the same order):

import csv

with open("diam.csv", "rb") as fin, open("diam_out.csv", "wb") as fout:
    reader = csv.reader(fin)
    writer = csv.writer(fout)
    for i, line in enumerate(reader):
        split = [item.split("::") for item in line if item.strip()]
        if not split: # blank line
        keys, vals = zip(*split)
        if i == 0:
            # first line: write header

which produces

localhost-2:coding $ cat diam_out.csv 

I think most of that code should make sense, except maybe the zip(*split) trick: that basically transposes a sequence, i.e.

>>> s = [['a','1'],['b','2']]
>>> zip(*s)
[('a', 'b'), ('1', '2')]

so that the elements are now grouped together by their index (the first ones are all together, the second, etc.)

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Thanks DSM. I appreciate your taking the time to look at this. WIll try it, and may take a while for me to digest it. But above all, thank you for you time. – Mattfrom Maine Mar 3 '13 at 20:56
DSM, wow. that was fast. Seems to work great. A question on this (I have 5 files that follow this format, and one that deviates from it only slightly in that it has the same format except for the last string of text, there is a second delimiter '[%2C]' Can I add a second line of split = [item.split("[%2C]" for item in line if item.strip()] ?? – Mattfrom Maine Mar 3 '13 at 21:07
{StartPoint::7858.35924983374[%2C]1703.69341358077[%2C]-3.075},{EndPoint::7822.8‌​5045874375[%2C]1730.80294308742[%2C]-3.53962362760298} here is the end of the file, it has coordinates separated by [%2C] and need to have X Y Z header – Mattfrom Maine Mar 3 '13 at 21:11
Looks as though it is similar to the JSON format: – Mattfrom Maine Mar 3 '13 at 21:20

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