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Here is my interface

[ServiceContract(Namespace = "")]      
interface IParam     {     }

Here is my class

public class Parameter : IParam

    private string categoryName;

    public string CategoryName
        get { return categoryName; }
        set { categoryName = value; }


My operation contact is

string GetSegmentsByCategoryName(Parameter Params);

Here is my main:

Parameter abc = new Parameter ();
abc.CategoryName = "xxx";

str = client.Channel.GetSegmentsByCategoryName(abc);

when I check at wireshark i got this xml

<Params xmlns:i="">

i one to get rid of xmlns:i=" when I pass the object through wcf httpbinding.

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I one -> I want – John Smithers Oct 5 '09 at 11:22
are you trying to do this because the consumer of the message is parsing the xml too strict and discarding the message because of the namespace ? If that is so, it might not be a good idea to remove the namespace. – Andrew Keith Oct 6 '09 at 5:45

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That isn't the default/element namespace, though - it is simply an unused alias to a namespace that might be used. It isn't actually breaking anything. I would strongly advise to simply leave it alone.

If you really, really wanted to do this - perhaps write a message inspector.

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